Security Analysis

This is the analysis of your security structures and procedures in order to identify intrusion points within homes and businesses.


Security Analysis

What is Security Analysis.

Security Analysis is the analysis of security implementation structures to prevent losses within homes and in businesses. It deals with finding the correct instruments and procedures required to safeguard all stock and equipment. giving one peace of mind that all bases are covered regarding illegal entry or trespassing.

Benefits of Security Analysis.

Proactive security incident detection and response. Security analysis tools analyze data from a range of sources, connecting the various dots and alerts to detect threats or security incidents in real time.

BiCSG will do risk assessments on site and provide clients with the best solution to combat problems. We will do qualified assessments with regards to area and people analysis. We have done assessments in South Africa and several African countries.

BiCSG will ensure we give the most cost effective pricing to enable clients to remain within budget constraints.