Close Circuit Television – CCTV

Is a network of cameras linked to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to monitor specific areas.


CCTV or Close Circuit Television

There are different formats namely Analogue, AHD (Analogue High Definition) and IP cameras (An Internet Protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via the Internet) available on the market. Our solutions are determined by our customer’s needs.

We specialize in a large variety of CCTV products and Brands. Assisting homeowners as well as business owners with additional security, planning new shop security or helping large factories with their productivity issues are some of the installations we have done.

We also assist commercial, residential and industrial complexes with perimeter and open space monitoring.

No need to worry about where you should place your CCTV products; as industry experts, we know exactly where and how to install and maintain all CCTV products.

Depending on the size of your property, opting to install multiple security cameras can improve your surveillance of your property, and a simple connection to a DVR will allow you to view all camera footage at once.

We install and maintain security camera systems. We have off-site and on-site monitoring solutions. We can utilise your CCTV system as an alarm system. BiCSG is working with Hikvision, rated the best CCTV manufacturer world-wide, in developing point of sales overlay protocols for tills at Retail stores, such as Food Lovers Market, Pick ‘n Pay, etc.

With our off-site monitoring we offer ground-breaking smart detection technology that keeps your properties safe, 24/7. The control room can recognise incidents early and react immediately by dispatching the nearest response force. Resulting in the crime being prevented and the suspects arrested.

Live footage of what is happening at your home or business can be viewed from your smartphone and/or personal computer at work after the correct setup. It is possible to have remote access to all the features of the DVR. You can now see that your children are safe or view incidents after you received an alarm at your house even when you are on holiday. This is the way our off-site and on-site monitoring is setup, with that there will be someone checking your property or your personnel at your workplace.

We have CCTV solutions for the following:

  • Private houses – To see if all is well after an alarm was triggered and to view incidents.
  • Entrances to Corporate parks and Complexes- Less guards will be needed. You will be able to view footage of incidents.
  • Inside complexes- to view unauthorized persons movements.
  • Restaurants and shops – Up to 20% profit increase are recorded after installing cameras.
  • Factories- The production increased after installing cameras. A factory owner must see what is happening on his production line.

Control Room Consoles:

  • Custom-designed consoles to suit each client’s individual needs.
  • Range includes single operator consoles to video wall consoles.
  • Manufactured with customised specifications to suit the client’s size of room or space.
  • Custom built for the size and amount of the operational equipment required, including monitors, recorders, media units.
  • Power adapters concealed behind the console, leaving a neat and complete solution.

Benefit of CCTV.

  1. It’s cost effective.
  2. It increases physical security.
  3. Has the ability to remotely secure the assests.
  4. Has the ability to remotely control camera operations.
  5. According to recent studies done, knowing that crimes will be punished, people act differently and self – sensor when surveillance is in use.


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