Access Control & Biometrics

BiometricsĀ refers to the analysis of unique human characteristics such as the Iris, Face and/or Fingerprint as a form of identification.


Access Control & Biometrics

Biometric Access ControlĀ uses these unique human characteristics as validation of incoming personnel.
We provide a means to monitor and control staff members movements and access to restricted areas. We offer access control systems that protect your business by ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter the premises.
This comprises of access control through the means of Bio scanners. These systems use fingerprints scanners or facial recognition scanners to allow access through an entry or exit point.
Organizations of all sizes use biometric access control systems to Restrict people from coming and going as they please.
Whether standalone or mobile, our range of biometric products will protect your assets, effortlessly and reliably.

Access Control

Identification admission applications utilised for controlled access to restricted areas of entry.


  • Barrier arms restrict entry to one person at a time.
  • Suitable for controlled employee / personnel access.


  • Identification through set markers of individual biological traits utilising fingerprint readers or facial recognition units.
  • Biological markers cannot be duplicated or lost.
  • Superior security access measure which eliminates theft and fraud.
  • Suitable for Time Recording and/or Access Control.

What we offer

  • Sliding gate motors
  • Swing gate motors
  • Garage door operators
  • Remote controls
  • Keypads
  • Proximity access control systems
  • Biometric access control
We have a fully trained technician teams that can install and set up your biometric access control system to your specific needs, along with that we will provide the equipment needed for you to access your property, whether it is tags or remotes. You as a client can decide what will be easier for you to access your property.

We also offer to maintain this system for you, whenever there are any defaults with the system, we will send a technician to solve that issue for you in a speedily manner.

Benefits of Biometrics:

  1. Quick and accurate identification and authentication.
  2. Accountability at its best.
  3. Highly efficient.
  4. Convenience is key.
  5. Additional capacity to accommodate growth.
  6. Security and profitability.
  7. Easy to operate and user friendly.


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