Data Point & Networking

Data and Networking entails the connectivity between you and your staff by a centralized server.


Data Point & Networking

Operational intelligence is the key to identifying the root cause of network problems to maximize performance, mitigate security threats, and control costs.

Your Cable infrastructure is one of the most important aspects for your business to fully function. 

For Small to medium sized businesses we can cater for ALL your Network Installation Cabling needs!

We specialise in residential network cabling, including the installation of data points and networks for your home. We also can install data points / network points for your business. Despite advances in wireless technology, hardwired speeds are unmatched, and form a foundation for most of the smart wiring.

Data points are necessary to reach the full potential of modern-day technology, home and office networking, as well as music and movie sharing across the network and throughout your home or office.

All our network and data point installations are carried out by a fully qualified technician. We aim to deliver trustworthy and reliable service paired with quality products, all at competitive pricing.

This is the creation of a sustainable network for businesses, the hardware IT component of a business. We can supply servers, computers, till components, and related software.

Our company’s goal is to improve your home or business connectivity via fixed network installations.