Security Guards are there to secure your premises from any unauthorized access onto your premises. They aid in loss and prevention measures to secure assests.




What is Security.

Security means safety, as well as the measures taken to be safe or protected. The security department in business is sometimes just called Security. If there’s a troublesome customer, employee at the work place or in a controlled environment, one calls security to take the person away to defuse the situation.

Types of Security.

Operational Security:

Can also be called administrative security. The primary focus in protecting the organization from loss through the actions of its own employees. These security measures are managerial in nature. They consist of policies, standards and procedures designed to establish leadership support for security, as well as how their systems are to be configured and used, and how the organization intends to respond to security incidents.

Holistical approach:

It may be true having some security is better than having no security. Though it could be argued that without complete security, you might as well leave your front door open after closing time or going to sleep and save yourself the expense. What good is a locked door if an intruder can enter your organization / home through malicious software. The best security can be realized with the holistical approach. By implementing all three types of security, the organization / home will benefit from having a security program that enables a high level of durability against all types of threats.

Technical support

As the name suggests, is the set of security controls implemented through the use of information technology. They can sometimes also be referred to as logical controls in that some security measures are simply how an IT device is configured. Technical security controls are primarily focused on supporting the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information and related IT systems. These are measures such as anti – malware software, firewalls, web proxies, data backups and user account control.

Physical Security:

Describes the protection of physical property. This includes both physical assets, such as computers and furniture, as well as the actual facility threat the business or home premises reside in. The obvious physical security controls are things like break – proof glass, door locks and security alarm systems. Things that are not often considered security measures that also under this category are environmental measures, such as air filtration and humidity control systems and even the design of the facility itself, if it is intentionally built to withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornadoes.

Benefits of Security.

  • Measure control.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Balance in security operation.
  • Security awareness.
  • Incident decrease.

BiCSG will supply qualified Security Officers that fall in line with the current legislation. We will strive to implement the correct procedures and standards as required by our clients, including the protection of one’s assets. Our Security Officers will be trained in identifying unsafe work practice to assist in all working environments.
BiCSG will ensure that cost effective pricing is met as per budget constraints.